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This page is dedicated to anything and everything related to the Enneagram Type 9, but of course all numbers are welcome! Join in and share your The Peacemaker (the Nine) · being nonjudgmental and accepting · caring for and being concerned about others · being able to relax and have a good time · knowing  If you've heard there 9 personality types, this is just one piece of the enneagram diagram. Learn about your personality types today. Enneagram Type One,  Type 9 with a social subtype cope with emotional bias by joining, coordinating, or spreading out in an activity. They join in the energy of the group, filling  Mar 9, 2020 Type 9 Behavior at Average Levels of Maturity: · Productive and upbeat outlooks · Altruistic and kind-hearted spirit · Gently encouraging and  Type Nine: The Peacemaker. Nines, also known as Peacemakers, are motivated by a need to keep the peace, merge with others, and avoid conflict.

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Enneagram 9

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Enneagram 9

This describes 9 different enneagram or personality types, and each one possesses certain core beliefs which are … Enneagram type 9 is: Calm, withdrawn, erased type: receptive, pleasant, complacent. We call it”the Peacemaker” because, more than any other type of personality, he is devoted to finding inner and outer peace for both himself and those around him. If you are the Enneagram Type 9 with the 1 Wing, you desire to appear elusive. You see yourself as pragmatic, clear, collected, funny, calm and harmonious. If you are the Enneagram Type 9 with the 8 Wing, you desire to be natural.
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Enneagram 9

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With their Audrey Assad Embodies the Intuitive Wisdom of an Enneagram 9. Grace DileEnneagram · Type 9 - each of us are hard wired with three instincts: self-preservation.
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People with an Enneagram type Nine personality tend to be accepting, optimistic, and adaptive in their behavior. They like peace and tend to avoid conflict. They tend to enjoy time alone or with smaller groups of people. As for the 9, It’s true that I feel as if I’m motivated by peace and harmony, because when conflict arises I get extremely upset and would rather just forget about it / make up and move on. I withdraw when I’m upset, but after a while, I seek affection and words of affirmation from loved ones. De 9 Enneagram Typer.